Sharing thanks for the 100 keys to French Parenting in Pamela Druckerman's book Bebe Day by Day

Tip  46: Teach the Four Magic Words, "Please" "Thank you" (My personal fav!) "Hello" and "Goodbye"
I was thankful to be invited to Penguin Press and Go Mighty's book launch party for Bebe Day by Day by Pamela Druckerman. It was wonderful to have a girls night out and learn some easy actionable parent tips. The event was held at the Pasanella & Son on South Street. I am happy to share some of my favorite tips that help develop kids gratitude. I think kids excel at enjoying small moments of wonder, getting excited about bubbles, splashing, chasing fireflies. We need to learn from them to be in awe of the beauty and fun that is always available to us.

Pamela recommends in Tip 52: It's Not Just About Outcomes,  "Learn to identify and enjoy what the French call moments privilegies, little pockets of joy or calm when you simply appreciate being together."

So many moments to be thankful for yesterday that it is hard to choose just 4!

Photo by Leslie Fandrich. 
  1. I was thankful to witness a random act of kindness yesterday while I was taking the subway down to get to the book launch party. I man was struggling to get through the turnstile with his metro card. A total stranger used her metro card to swipe him in without a second thought. New Yorkers are kind and can be counted on for help!
  2. I was thankful to meet Pamela Druckerman and enjoyed hearing about her life raising her kids in Paris. Some of my favorite tips included: "Tell the truth," "Say Yes," "Serve vegetables first for dinner," and "Let them eat cake." Thanks for signing my book and for your good advice to above all be calm!
  3. I was thankful to have a girls night out and be able to meet some wonderful people. I enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers and writers and the Go Mighty team! Go Mighty is a cool website that is all about championing people and supporting them to reach their goals. I enjoyed meeting Sarah Bryden-Brown and learning more about Go Mighty. I was also thrilled to meet author Gretchen Rubin. Her book "The Happiness Project" is one of my personal favorite reads. 
  4. Thankful to savor a sparkling  Perseco at Pasanella & Sons and the delicious food catered by Brooklyn Supper Elizabeth and Brian Stark. I loved the pickled grapes and the yummy light chocolat mousse cake. Thanks to Chef Karolina another blogger I met at the event who shared an organic butternut squash soup recipe with me.Thanks to Nicole Feliciano at Momtrends who was the first person I met at the event. I am proud of myself for being brave and attending this event where I did not know anyone. I loved meeting so many inspiring moms!
I invite my readers to share a parenting tip they are thankful for in the comments. I love reading your comments and hearing your stories of gratitude.


  1. I was just checking out the book and was starting to write a post on it when I saw your post! This is so lovely! Thank you for sharing the book itself as well as what you've learned from it! And my gratitude is for you for your blog and what you do!!!



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