Sharing thanks for playing Gershwin with the South Shore Symphony

South Shore Symphony at the Madison Theater. Can you find me?
It's been a windy cold weekend here! Good music and home made cooking have been keeping me warm!
I am so blessed to play in the orchestra with the South Shore Symphony. If you live in Long Island check out the website for our spring concert dates and programs.  After a concert I love lingering listening to the lovely melodies that are in my head. Our conductor Scott Jackson Wiley, brings out the best in us! Here is what I was thankful for this weekend.
  1. Thankful to be able to play the Gershwin Piano Concerto in F with the beautiful and talented Karen Faust Baer. Bravo on her engaging performance and for the lovely Gershwin encore.
  2. Thanks to the timpanist, who met an aspiring classical timpanist after the concert to talk about percussion and music conservatories. Our orchestra loves mentoring high school students and has several students playing with our group.
  3. Thanks to my good friends Sue and Mike, and Stella Scott and Jeff for coming to see the concert. I love meeting with good friends after the concert and being able to talk about the music. Thanks to my husband, Spencer, my biggest fan who comes to all of my concerts. I like that my friends get to understand the music side of me.
  4. I am thankful for a new way to be calm. Our orchestra played the Gershwin lullaby for Strings. This piece's beautiful melody is very soothing and beautiful.
I invite you to share how music or a song that you are thankful for hearing. Music evokes strong emotions and adds a rhythm to our lives.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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