Sharing thanks for Puppy Love and Celebrations

Oreo with her heart toy.

February is one of my favorite months! I am sharing thanks for everything and everyone I love! I am feeling very loved. My birthday is coming up this Saturday and my friends and family have already begun showering me with love, cards, gifts and wonderful meals! Here is what I am thankful for today!
  1. Thanks to Mom and Dad who sent me an early birthday card with a wonderful present. I loved the adorable princess cat on the card.
  2. Thanks to my good friend Stella who I met for lunch at Panera yesterday who gave me a lovely card and chic comfortable fabulous pajamas. Now I am ready to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea!
  3. Thanks to my friend Sejal who treated me to a wonderful birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I love the Chicken Chipotle Pasta there. I was good and got the strawberries and whip creme for desert instead of the Cheesecake. Do I get extra Spark points for that?
  4. Thanks to Kohl's, JC Penney's, Venere's Restaurant, Red Robin, and Panera for their birthday wishes and small gifts. I got a free pastry on my Panera card, $10 to spend at Kohl's and JC Penney's, a free burger at Red Robin, free lunch or dinner at Venere's. Birthday marketing is pretty good. So far I bought a cute blouse on sale at Kohl's with my ten dollars. And its just 3 more days until my birthday!
I love celebrating my birthday! Each year offers a new opportunity to grow. It is getting together with good friends and family that really make celebrating fun. My friends and family are really making feel special this week! I invite you to share something you are thankful for or if you want to wish me happy birthday in the comments that is cool too!


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