Celebrate November by Taking the Sharing Thanks #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge!

That's not a turkey it's a ROOSTER! 


Start November by learning to cultivate a grateful heart ready to bloom just in time for Thanksgiving! Gratitude is a heart muscle that can be flexed by the simple act of listing what your grateful for each day. Sharing what we are grateful can inspire others to think about gratitude in a different way! It's easy to participate in this challenge. Here are a few different ways you can start!
  1. Share what your thankful for in the comments of my blog Sharing Thanks! Everyday in November I will be giving you a new idea on "How to be grateful" and posting what I am thankful for. Or you can email me at sharingthanks@gmail.com! Or email me a picture of something your grateful for! I will share your gratitude in a post!
  2. Like my facebook page by clicking the button on the side of the blog or going to http://www.facebook.com/sharingthanksblogspot. You can post a picture or in words tell me what your grateful for each day!
  3. If Turkeys could they would Tweet on Twitter! You can follow me on Twitter @SharingThanks. Tweet what your grateful for or share a picture of what your thankful for using the #TurkeyThanks hashtag!
  4. Todays's #TurkeyThanks prompt is Why are you grateful for a rainy day? Tell me something your thankful for on a rainy day. Today on Long Island it is pouring. It is a cold rainy day, a day you probably want to stay inside. I was grateful to see the movie, "The Judge." Robert Downey Jr, and Robert Duval give amazing performances in this movie that makes us think about the law and what the right consequences are for our actions.
I am looking forward to helping you start your gratitude juices flowing. Seeing with grateful eyes will help you be happier! Looking forward to hearing your gratitude stories.


  1. Looking forward to hearing what everyone is grateful for!


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