Sharing Thanks for being American on this Veterans Day.

I love this picture of a floral flag I took this summer at Jones Beach. The red and white flowers look  like they are proudly waving in the air.

Day 11: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Make a gratitude list to give thanks to your country.

I am thankful for our freedom of speech, for a nation whose citizens respect the outcomes of our elections which enable us to have a peaceful transition of power. I am thankful for our constitution and our ability as a people to be able to keep amending it. I am thankful for the separation between church and state which makes America one of the great melting pots. We are made up of a multitude of different people, with different ethnic backgrounds, and practice different religions. I am thankful for America where creative expression and innovation still thrives.

I would also like to thank our veterans who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms and our nation.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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Thankful for Chihuly's impressionistic water reflections at New York Botanical Gardens

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