Thankful for Nature's Beauty: Day 7 #TurkeyThanks Sharing Thanks Gratitude Challenge!

Blue Hydrangea on a November Day
Today's Challenge, is to go outside and take a walk and look for something beautiful that your thankful for. Bring your phone or your camera and take a picture and share this beauty. Email me your picture at or Tweet it to me at @sharingthanks .

Today I saw these beautiful Blue and Purple Hydrangea's. I am enjoying seeing these last blooms of November. Flowers always make me happy. Love these deep hues. I enjoy seeing the patterns of color and nature's wizardry. A few weeks ago I even saw some Monarch butterflies flittering around some wild flowers at the Norman Levy Preserve. When I see something beautiful, I take a moment to stop, look, and then breathe it in. It energizes me and I love taking pictures to capture this moment. Sometimes looking in my camera helps me focus to see the beauty. With the days getting shorter and cooler I relish being outside and capturing the colors of the changing season.

I want to also thank Blogher for the challenge to write a blog post everyday in November. Thanks to everyone from BlogHer for visiting the blog and sharing something their grateful for!


Best of Sharing Thanks

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