Sharing Thanks for a walk around my Neighborhood :Day 5 of #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Turkey discovered during my morning walk!

Thanks to everyone leaving comments on facebook, twitter and my blog! 
Today's Gratitude Challenge is to think of an activity you did today that your thankful for!

Today I was thankful for my walk around the neighborhood. 
I love taking my dog Oreo for 2 or 3 walks a day. We also have a fenced in yard which she likes to play in. I love bringing my phone and am always surprised and different things that I see during my daily walks that amuse me. This Turkey on a lawn gave me a smile. The #TurkeyThanks Challenge has Turkey on my brain! The trees in my neighborhood are turning fiery red, orange, and yellow. It's an autumn rainbow!
Autumn leaves in East Meadow

 Walking is also a great way to stay fit. I just started using the Free Google Fit App to track my activity level with the goal of improving my health. It was easy, I just downloaded on my phone, and let's face it I always have my phone on me, so it is a built in pedometer. I am thankful that it is giving me data about how inactive I am. It is helping me try to walk more, and find ways to build my steps for the day.

Tell me an activity you did today that your thankful for! I love hearing your gratitude stories. I hope the gratitude daily prompts help you focus on a variety of things to be grateful for!


Best of Sharing Thanks

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