Sharing thanks for your talent! Day:15 #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge

Me using my talent playing with the South Shore Symphony

TURKEY THANKS Gratitude Challenge: Day 15

Share a gratitude story about being thankful for a talent you have.

I want to also thank my good friend Monesha who gave me the idea for this gratitude prompt. I was thankful to have lunch out with my daughter Becky and her friend and we were talking about my blog and I was asking them if they had any good suggestions for different ways to appreciate.

Thanks Monesha and Becky for a fun lunch!
I am thankful for my musical talent. I love playing the violin with the South Shore Symphony. I have met so many terrific people through music. I have nurtured my talent through lessons and practice over the years. Thanks to all the music teachers I have had who helped me become a better musician. I also want to thank our concert master Susan. I had the joy of sitting first stand one year in the orchestra and Susan taught me a lot of great fingering and musicality by getting to play as her stand partner. I love playing with a group of musicians whose main goal is to harmonize and create beautiful melodies together. I am also proud to be a music teacher and enjoy inspiring young musicians.

I love hearing your gratitude stories, and look forward to hearing about your talents.


  1. Hi Linda! Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments [kindness in action!]. I love your addition of gratitude. Yes, I am grateful every day for so many things.


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