Sharing Thanks #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challenge: Day 2 - What made you smile today?


Watch this video and it will make you smile! Beautiful things happen when musicians collaborate in the the name of Charity. Thanks BBC for making me smile watching this video today!

Another thing that made me smile today was watching the leaves dance to blustery weather.

Thanks to my husband Spencer who put air in my car's tires in the pouring rain yesterday. It made me feel loved.

Thanks for the coffee talk this morning shout out to my good friend Sejal. Thanks to my friend Ellen who I enjoyed catching up with this morning!

I am looking forward to hear what made you smile today! Tweet @sharingthanks #TurkeyThanks anything that made you smile today. Or just leave a comment below. Enjoy the video and smile!


  1. My youngest made me smile when he declared today PJ day (my favorite kind of days)! Stopping by from NaBloPoMo, good luck with the challenge. I love that you are sharing gratitude. My blog is all about celebrating small victories, focusing on the little things that make me happy (which is family, food and books)!

  2. Thanks for sharing your smile story! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog!


    I made it to class on time.
    My daughter made egg salad for the first time, on her own, because that'w what she was hungry for. It was divine.

  4. Thanks for sharing your gratitudes. It is wonderful to see our kids show signs of independence. Happy GOD ONLY KNOWS made you smile!


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