Sharing Thanks for Thanksgiving Traditions Day 17:#TurkeyThanks Gratitude challengeI

Pilgrim cookies from Fairway
Thanksgiving is coming. I was thankful to see these adorable pilgrim cookies at my favorite grocery store Fairway. I remember as a kid looking forward to the chocolate Thanksgiving Turkeys my grandmother would give to us as a treat. Part of the fun is preparing the feast,making special family recipes and honoring traditions. One of our family traditions is to wake up on Thanksgiving morning to bagels, and watch the Macy's Day Parade on TV.We love watching all of the broadway performers, and the fantastic marching bands. My husband's family likes to make sauerkraut for Thanksgiving. It's a Baltimore thing. Now whenever I have sauerkraut I think of Thanksgiving too. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it celebrates family. No gifts are exchanged, we just enjoy parades, savoring good food and conversation with our families and friends, and a little college football. Most of all I like the spirit of Thankfulness it brings. At our dinner we go around the table and each say something we are thankful for. It may seem corny but it always feels good to share our gratitudes.

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