Sharing thanks for the joy of dancing around the house: #TurkeyThanks Gratitude Challeng Day 10

There is nothing better than having your own dance party. I saw this video today on twitter and it mad me laugh. I love the energy and the pets in the video watching this cleaning dance routine. I'd be thankful if my husband cleaned the house like this. Let's be honest I'd be thankful if cleaned the house without dancing.

For today's challenge be thankful for that feeling you get when your busting a move. Share a story about when you were caught dancing to yourself.

I have a habit of doing dance moves while I'm sitting at a red light listening to my tunes. Yes, I'm over 50 and I dance in my car. I looked over to the left turn lane next to me, and two young men were hysterical that I was dancing. It gave me a laugh. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself! I was thankful I gave them a laugh and a story. I am always thankful to dance, it just feels good!


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