Sharing Thanks for compassion from people when I make a mistake. Day 16: #TurkeyThanks Challenge

Liz comforting our dog Oreo.

Day 16: Sharing Thanks November Turkey Thanks Challenge

Today's challenge: Thank someone who showed compassion to you when you made a mistake.

I was a little out of sorts yesterday. I was clumsy. I went to Dunkin Donuts and my big pocketbook swung around and knocked off a glass coffee mug on the display. I picked up the broken pieces and brought it up to the counter and explained what happened when I ordered my coffee. To my surprise they said it was ok and thanked me for bringing them the broken cup. I offered to pay for the cup but they refused to charge me for it.  I sighed a huge relief. I also want to thank my friend Deborah for lending me her music folder at our concert last night/ I had left my folder at the last rehearsal and it got packed away. I really appreciated her kindness of lending it generously with softspoken words. Let's face it we all make mistakes. We are not perfect. Compassion helps us pick our selves up, learn, and move on.

I love hearing all your gratitude stories!


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