Sharing thanks for Central Park

Liz on Central Park West after her Photo Shoot.
Waterfall in Central Park, April 28, 2012

Loved walking around Central Park in NYC. I went in the 100th Street entrance from Central Park West. It was a top 10 day and the park was filled with young and old out to enjoy the sunshine and the scenery. On my stroll I saw an outdoor birthday party, a father and son fishing (Yes you can fish in NYC in Central Park), a wedding party, an old lady in a wheelchair with a cute bulldog on her lap, and a young Jewish singles gathering around a small pond. I saw toddlers excited about feeding the ducks, cyclists, rollerbladers, a string bass player practicing Jazz on a green pasture, and  lots of cute dogs! The park was teaming with positive energy. Here are my thanks for the weekend.

  1. Thanks for a beautiful day walking in Central Park. Had so much fun capturing pictures with my camera and people watching. Loved the positive energy from all the people outside enjoying the greenery and the sunshine.
  2. Thanks to the cashier at Singa's pizza who treated me to a free diet coke since I am a good regular customer. Had some fun with Sejal and Bika, sharing pizza and funny stories.
  3. Thanks for a fun welcome home dinner celebration with Becky and the Gera's at Bertucci's. Monesha really enjoyed a gluten free dessert and was joyful to find out the chocolate mouse had a dark chocolate edible cup to feast on as well. I love watching someone have a joyful moment over a small surprise.
  4. Thanks to the Dorothy Shi studios for a great photo shoot. Liz enjoyed getting her hair and makeup done! Thanks to her friend Victoria for lending her an extra shirt.  I took a candid picture of Liz after the shoot on Central Park West!
I invite you to share what you are thankful for this weekend. Going to make a home cooked meal next. On a beautiful day, get outside and enjoy the sunshine!


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