Sharing thanks for soaking up the Spring Sunshine

My cat Sasha soaking up the sun.
It was a beautiful sunny Spring day on Long Island today. I love seeing the sun rise earlier in the morning. I was happy to see daylight as I was driving my husband to the train station this morning at 6 am. I am always amazed how cats can find the best spots to soak up the sun rays, and enjoy a grass bed to boot. So many reasons to be thankful today!

  1. Thanks to my husband for loaning me his car today. We are now a household with 4 drivers and 2 cars. It was very helpful to have 2 cars so I could get to work and my daughter could get to the library at the same time. I was also very thankful that my teen had another safe day of driving. 
  2. Thanks to Mrs. Kraus, my daughter's English tutor for her great lesson plans to help catch Liz up in English. I am thankful that she is dedicated, creative teacher.
  3. Thanks to Laney in the guidance department who has been very helpful in arranging tutoring for Liz. I really appreciated her organization and kindness.
  4. Thanks for a beautiful sunny Spring day. I enjoyed walking home from the library today and passing all the pretty gardens in bloom.
I invite you to share something you are thankful for today in the comments. It is inspiring to read what you are thankful for. Your comments really brighten up my day.


  1. So happy and thankful to being able to relax over the school break. I am amazed and thankful my son is doing so well. He works so hard and got a wonderful report card,96 average. When he was first diagnosed with autism at age 2 I never dreamed he would be a gifted musician and such a loving person. He is my greatest teacher and the joy of my lfe.

    1. Enjoy your well deserved break! So happy for you and your son! You are an amazing mom and friend! Have a Happy Easter.


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