Sharing thanks for making wishes!

Make a wish, and then blow!

Is there anything better than picking a dandelion seed fuzz, making a wish, closing your eyes and blowing to have the seeds drift off in the breeze? Spring is full of new beginnings and possibilities.  I started this blog in hopes that sharing what I am grateful for can carry seeds of thankfulness and spread a positive message to the world. If sharing my appreciation helps just a few people develop a more positive outlook and help them pay a little kindness forward I have succeeded in some small way. If you are reading the blog today, go outside pick a dandelion and make a wish! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

  1. Thanks to the cashier at dunkin donuts who treated me to an iced coffee today. I will say since I have developed and attitude of gratitude, I have experienced more random acts of kindness.  I am amazed how such a small kind act can truly make your day.
  2. Thanks to the Geras. We met Sejal and Monisha for a late dinner at Panera and had many laughs! Sharing dinner with good friends is always fun. My daughter Liz laughed so hard she feel off her chair.(No I am not kidding!) Smiles are contagious.
  3. I was thankful to receive an important check in the mail today. I am trying to organize our finances better. Between the price of oil and college tuition checks it is an art to budget.
  4. I was thankful to hear from daughter Becky and lucky to get a great deal on some concert tickets she wanted. Her room mate Marley loves Far East Movement. So happy that she will visit us in the summer.
I invite you to share what you wished for today. I have so many wishes, I am going to have some fun picking dandelions today.


  1. I am thankful that I was able to drop off a bag of gently used books to our library for their upcoming book sale. I used to have more each year, but now I borrow them from the library instead of buying them new.

  2. Thanks for sharing your act of kindness to the community. It is wonderful to recycle used books to new readers who can enjoy them. I have been borrowing more books instead of buying as well, sometimes I end up paying some late fees and think that my money is helping the library buy more new books that we can all enjoy. Love getting e-books from Nassau Digital Doorway Library for free which I do not have to return.


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