Sharing thanks for April Fools and a great Petroushka Concert

Vibrant purple petunias from Hick's Flower show

It's April Fools day. The original punk'd. This day is known for playing tricks, although on April Fools day I think about my father-in-law. His birthday was April 1st and he was a wonderful, kind family man. He loved to garden and would love today's flower shot. It's been a busy weekend, lots of reasons to be thankful.

1) Thanks to the South Shore Symphony and Leggs Limited dance and guest dancers for putting on a first class production of Petroushka last night at the Madison Theater at Molloy college. It is such a privilege to play violin for the South Shore Symphony.

2) Thanks to my fans, Spencer, Stella and Jeff who came to see the show! It is great to have close friends and family in the audience.

3) I am thankful that my parents are having a wonderful time in Costa Rica. My brother posted some pictures of them today. It was fun to see them enjoying themselves in such a tropical setting!

4) I am thankful that Liz is making some nice new friends. It is great to see her enjoying herself.

I am not a big prankster and I invite you to share a fun April Fools story in the comments.


  1. Thankful for a day of beautiful music. My son Jeff had a concert at Manhattan School of Music and later saw my talented friend Linda make beautiful music at Molloy College!My son came with me was so impressed, and we got to spend quality time together. It was also great to see people I care about so much shine"D!


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