Sharing thanks for, "How to Succeed," with Nick Jonas

Liz outside the theater at, "How to Succeed!"

If you a looking for a fun family musical with great singing, dancing, stars, and 60s office chic costumes I recommend seeing "How to Succeed," with Nick Jonas. Both of my daughters have been Jonas brothers fans since we saw them open for the "Back Street Boys" at Jones beach. It is refreshing to see a lead actor thoroughly enjoy being on broadway. My daughter Liz has looked upped to him because he does not let his Type 1 Diabetes stop him from living his dreams. Liz is deaf and does not want her disability from stopping her from living her dreams to be an actress, writer or filmmaker. One of her favorite Jonas Brothers songs is, "A Little bit Longer." We went to see the show with my best friend Liz and her daughter Annalise who also has Type 1. He is a great role model for her and after the show the girls just missed getting his autograph when some other Jonas fans cut in front of them. Thanks to a nice security guard, Annalise went back last night to the stage door and got a chance to get her picture taken with Nick Jonas. He is truly a celebrity with huge talent and a big heart. Here are my thanks for today.
  1. Thanks to the security guard and Nick Jonas who made Annalise's day by posing with a picture with her.
  2. Thanks to my daughter Liz who went to work out at the gym again last night. She is trying very hard to get back in shape. I am so proud of her.
  3. Thanks for a glorious spring day. I saw azaleas in bloom today. I love looking at all of the beautiful tulips blooming in our neighborhood while I walk my dog Oreo.
  4. Thanks to the tutors who are working with my daughter to help her catch up so she can return to school. 
I invite you to share something you are thankful for in the comments. I enjoy reading and hearing about what you are thankful for. Remember it can be a small joy, and moment of beauty in nature, anything that gives you a small burst of happiness during your day.  This practice of gratitude will help you feel more present and allow you to appreciate many joyful moments and help you cope with daily trials.


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