Sharing thanks for acts of kindness

Oreo getting a spring trim, April 2012

I am dedicating tonight's post to the many acts of kindness I received today. It is how someone's small act of kindness can really brighten your day and inspire us to pay it forward. Here are my thanks for today.
  1. Thanks to the gas attendant at my Getty station who helped get my bumper back in place. I was getting gas and he noticed my bumper was a little off and he fixed it for me. He is always kind and helps me fill the air in my tires when my air pressure light goes on.
  2. Thanks to Liz's math tutor who spoke kind words about my daughter. It is wonderful to hear someone compliment your child.
  3. Thanks to my friend Sejal, who picked up my daughter from tutoring for me. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. We always try to help each other out. She is also a great listener and friend. We enjoyed having lunch together today.
  4. Thanks to my daughter Liz who gave Oreo a spring haircut today. She is terrific with animals. I also want to wish my daughter Becky good luck on her college finals and her puppet performance!
I invite you to share an act of kindness you are thankful for today!


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