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Liz and Kavita in Times Square, April 2012
It is Spring break and my daughter Liz has been off from school. We have been enjoying good times celebrating holidays with family and friends. Liz is a junior in high school so we went to tour a few college campuses the past few days. It was nice to have my older daughter Becky come home for a few days so we could celebrate her 20th birthday and Easter. I am thankful for some of the adventures I have had the past few days.
  1. Sharing thanks for exploring New York City with the Geras. We decided to go see something avante-garde called, "A Crack in the Universe" through the wonderful High-Five Program.  The High Five program encourages teens to see cultural events in New York City at the incredibly affordable $5 per ticket price. A teen can bring one adult with them to the performances. This was an incredible dance/video/art meditation performance that was definitely thought provoking, however the write up did not mention that the performance included nudity.
  2. Sharing thanks for reconnecting with friends. Our good friends from Bermuda were in town. We had a wonderful dinner out in Greenwich village at Lyon. The food was amazing, and it was wonderful to laugh and create some new memories with our couple friends!
  3. I am thankful to my parents who always support me in my hour of need. Also a shout out to my good friend Liz. I am really thankful that my daughter Becky made it back to Pittsburgh safely.  I was worried when I did not hear from her after her trip. When I called the bus company they told me the bus had arrived on time which was not true. Such a sigh of relief to hear her beautiful voice at 11:45 pm.
  4. Thanks for a wonderful college road trip. We were blessed to be able to spend a night at my brother's beautiful beach house in Long Beach Island, and another night at my nephew Nick's townhouse in Philadelphia. We had a great time visiting Rowan University in Glassboro, and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  It was wonderful to see Nick's townhouse which is a building he contracted. I have nicknamed Nick, a young much better looking Donald Trump. So delightful to meet his housemates who were great hosts to us.
I invite you to share a spring break adventure in the comments! G or PG-13 rated comments please.


  1. I am grateful for motorcycle rides on gorgeous spring days!

    1. I remember getting a motorbike ride in Bermuda on a beautiful night! Thanks for sharing and following my blog.


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