Sharing thanks for blossoming

White tree blossoms on my neighborhood stroll

Another glorious Spring day filled with many small joys. Enjoyed walking my dog Oreo around the block and saw this amazing tree in full bloom. Love the white fluffs against a crystal blue sky. I am thankful to watch people bloom and grow. It is inspiring to see people going after their dreams and goals with passion and purpose. Here are my thanks for yesterday:

  1. I am thankful that my husband Spencer plays a sport he loves. I'm rooting for his roller hockey team tonight they are in the playoffs for the C league. As I was driving my daughter Liz back from art class I saw someone running, at first I thought it was a teenager, and then I realized it was my husband running to get in shape for his hockey game tonight. I admire his spirit there are very few 50 year old roller hockey players out there.
  2. I am thankful for Spencer giving Monesha a ride into the city so she can visit my daughter Becky at UPitt. He picked her up at 5:25 am so she could catch the Megabus in NYC. Megabus has a route to Pittsburgh that costs only $30. It is a great cheap way to travel.
  3. Thanks to Liz who is taking great care of my moms cats. She loves animals and is really good at giving Beauty her medicine. It is wonderful to see her bloom into a kind caring young adult.
  4. Thanks for a glorious Spring Day. It is great to get outside and enjoy watching the flowers and trees bloom. Enjoyed a walk and playing fetch outside with Oreo in the backyard. Saw a house with giant Easter eggs half hidden all over their front yard. This was festive and brought me a small burst of joy.
   I want to wish everyone good celebrations with their friends and family. Happy Passover! Happy Easter! I'm going shopping to figure out what small goodies to put in my teenagers Easter Baskets.  I invite you to share what you are thankful for! I love reading your thanks. They are inspiring.


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