Sharing thanks for dogwood days

Dogwood days of Spring, April 2012
I love all of the pretty pink and white dogwood trees in bloom as I stroll the neighborhood. Captured this image while taking Oreo for a walk. Here are my thanks for Monday! Sometimes its the little things that people do that can make your day.

  1. This morning when I was getting gas the gas attendant cleaned my back and front windshields. It is great to have a clear view when I am driving. What made me smile is he did this on his own!
  2. So happy when I called the pediatrician that they were able to schedule a physical for Liz on Friday morning at 9:30 am. It usually takes a few months to get a physical appointment and I needed to get one done so she can attend camp in July! Thank you receptionist!
  3. Thanks to seeing more spring blossoms. I enjoy seeing the dogwood trees, and lilac bushes. I love the smell of lilacs! Purple power.
  4. Thinking of my daughter Becky who is taking her last final today. Thankful that my husband Spencer took off from work to go help her pack up and bring her home for the summer. I am also thankful that she had a good sophomore year at Pitt. Happy that she is independent and I am looking forward to spending time with her over the summer.
I invite you to share something that you are thankful for in the comments. I love reading your comments they really add to the blog and brighten my day. Thanks to Beth who commented recently about donating some used books to the library. These small random acts of kindness really make a difference in making the world a gentler more peaceful place.


  1. Thankful that my son came home in better spirits than when he went off to school. He puts so much pressure on himself. So very thankful for the wonderful team at my sons school who really care about him and set him up for success. Thankful to my good friends Marjorie and Linda who really understand and listen.


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