12 Days of Sharing Thanks

It's been 12 Days since I started this blog. I am proud that even on the busiest days I can still find time to write about four things I am grateful for. Today is Sunday and the last day of our Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

1) Grateful for having a fun movie afternoon with both of my daughters. We all love the movies and we got to see "Hugo" today. "Hugo" is astounding visually. We saw it in 3D which I recommend for watching this wonderful film which was inspiring. Add a star if you love the cinema and film history.

2) Another beautiful warm weather day here. I have been exploring dog friendly parks in my area. Went to the small dog run at Cedar Creek Park in Wantagh. Oreo had fun running around.

3) Thanks to Liz for giving Oreo a bath after the dog park.

4) Grateful we had a nice family dinner out before my daughter Becky goes back to college tomorrow. Went to the Outback, good food and good conversation with my daughters and husband.


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