Reading O Magazine on a relaxing Saturday

I love a day when I have time to read. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea and a good magazine. I like "O" because each issue is focused on an idea, it is not the typical women's magazine screaming lose more weight and be a gourmet cook.

1) Thankful to read, and to the Nassau county's library digital doorway which lets me download books on my Sony reader for free with my library card. These books are great because they return themselves so I do not have to pay a late fee!

2) Thanks to my husband who fixed our screen door today! I appreciate when he is able to fix something for our house.

3) Thanks to my friends Bika and Sejal. We had a fun lunch at Bertucci's.

4) Thanks to my friend Liz who is a fellow musician and artist who will be blogging sharing her thanks.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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