Another tough day and I'm still thankful

My daughter Liz was still feeling lousy. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to magically make her feel better. This blog is helping me focus on the good things even when things are difficult. We can not always control what happens, we need to accept situations and think about what options we do have and act to do what can be done.

Here is what gave me a smile today.

1) Watching the joy on a young new student's face plucking violin strings for the first time.

2) Playing fetch with our dog Oreo indoors.

3) I am thankful the Laurie is taking grandma to the doctor tomorrow. Hoping the doctor will come up with a plan to help rehabilitate grandma.

4) Happy that my daughter Liz is realizing how her emotions impact her health. Thankful that this may be the path for her to manage her feelings to stay healthy and be determined to be resilient.


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