Black Friday Gratitude!

I have been enjoying black Friday more as a family day than a shopping day. I did need to go to Walmart around 10:00 am to get some dish washing soap. By 10:00 am the crowds were not so bad. I managed to shop for one Christmas present and be home by 11:30 am. It's been my tenth day of sharing thanks. I am finding this practice to be helpful because it lets me focus on the good in everyday, even on difficult days.

1) My husband and college daughter went out at midnight to Macy's in Roosevelt Field. My daughter loves shoes and was able to buy some nice boots for $24.00 with her own money.

2) Thanks to my family for inviting us for a roast beef dinner tonight. It was delicious and although I love turkey it was nice not to have turkey today.

3) Thanks for another family fun game night. After dinner we played some fun family games. My parents had an old Password game. My daughter's enjoyed playing this game. So nice to have an electronics free evening.

4) Thanks to my sister-in-law Laurie and my brother in-law Toto who celebrated Thanksgiving with my mother-in-law and are providing her with love and assistance. Praying that she will get the medical help she needs so she can be more mobile.


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