Thanksgiving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving! This year we had a Davidson Thanksgiving. Next year it will be a Reyer Thanksgiving. This tradition allows us to enjoy the day without traveling too much. I want to thank our hosts, the Aldridges for setting a beautiful table. Here are today's thanks!

1) Thanks to Mary and Ron for making a delicious, beautiful dinner with all of the trimmings.

2) Thanks to the traffic gods who enabled us to cross the George Washington Bridge without too much traffic both ways. This truly is a Thanksgiving miracle.

3) Thanks to my nephews and my daughters, who enjoy playing hearts, and spit. It's amazing how much fun can be had with a simple deck of cards.

4) Thanks for the joy of watching two puppies run around in the backyard. My nephew Brian got a dog named mac, who was leaping like a ballet dancer chasing oreo.


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