Sharing thanks for calm moments

Brian and his adorable pup, Mac

 Is there anything more fun to watch then a boy and his puppy! I enjoyed seeing my nephew Brian and his adorable mutt, Mackensie. Mac is a ball of energy and I was lucky not to get a totally moving blurry face while I tried to take their picture. Taking good pictures of animals takes a lot of patience. Today has been a rainy Tuesday. A good day for hot baths and steaming cups of tea! Here is what I was thankful for today.

  1. Thankful to have 2 minutes of calm. Found this on Stumble Upon. Press the link and treat yourself to a quick 2 minutes of mediation. I failed this a few times. I could not hear the lovely ocean waves and first. Let me know how you like the link! /
  2. I was thankful to take a wonderful hot bath and finish a novel I have been reading. Reading a good book while taking a hot bath is a simple pleasure for me. 
  3.  I was thankful to be able to walk the dog in between all the rain today! I enjoy walking in a light rain and was happy not to get caught in one of the down pours.
  4. I was thankful for my violin student Kevin who brought me his NYSMMA form to show me. He got an A, and I was proud of him. He worked hard on his level 5 solo all year and I am happy to see him grow as a musician.
I invite you to share what you are thankful for in the comments. I always enjoy hearing from blog readers.


  1. ocean waves sound cool! I was enjoying it so much then my dog came in and started barking big time over something else.....then I yelled "QUIET!" so loud - and thought, Whoa! What a contrast to the ocean waves! I cracked myself up!


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