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Meditation Garden

I love this beautiful contemplating meditating goddess statue framed by pink flowers. One of the many joys of blogging is the wonderful comments from readers. I am still resting - recovering from a bad cold. I even went to the doctor yesterday and was put on antibiotics to help my body fight the bacterial infection. I was thankful that I did not have bronchitis. Here are my thanks for yesterday.

  1. Thanks to Janine who shared that meditation helps her recharge her energy. Janine said,
    "My favorite way to recharge is to meditate, either while lying or sitting on the yoga mat, or while walking outdoors - letting go of all thinking, worries, etc. No thoughts whatsoever. The stillness is vast, profound and supremely energizing!" In honor of Janine I posted a picture today that is meditative and beautiful. Thanks for your beautiful comment, it made my day!
  2. Thanks to Premier Urgent Care who gave me a check up and put me on a zithro pack to help me kick this cold. The doctor was thorough and kind and suggested I rest!
  3. Thanks to my daughters Becky and Liz, who I have been enjoying thoroughly. Becky made me a cup of tea while I was taking a bath yesterday. I don't know if there is anything better than a good cup of tea and a hot steaming bath!
  4. Thanks to my dear friends Liz and Tom, who were married 25 years yesterday! Happy Anniversary! Wishing them lots of love, warmth and laughter. There wedding was very special, it was the first wedding I brought a date to, where my date did not break up with me after the wedding. My husband Spencer was the date, and we know each other 25 years!
Please share what you are thankful for that helps restore your energy. I love reading your comments.


  1. Thankful for my mother. She never judges and is always loving and supportive towards my son. Thankful for my Dad who can make my son laugh and relax. Thankful for my mother-in-law who adores my son and thinks he is perfect. Thankful for my sons godmother who always calls to see how he is and always so proud and suppotive of his acomplishments.She has had had more than her share of pain yet always has a positive outlook. She has taught me how important it is to have faith and how to carry yourself with dignity. She is the kind of person who can always finds time to listen no maatter whats going on in her life. She took my son Jeff to his first opera recently and he LOVED it! She is really a GOD mother to my son!Raising a child with special needs is tough but having a good suppport system make life much easier.

  2. Feel better soon, Linda. The goddess picture is beautiful.

    Skautz, your son IS perfect.


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