Sharing thanks on a rainy Tuesday

Flowers in Central Park
After a beautiful weekend we have been having a lot of rain here on Long Island. Sometimes we do not appreciate something until it is lost. It was pouring rain and I had not seen my cat Sasha in the morning. I was calling her name in the house and checking all her favorite cat spots. I was starting to worry about her. It was raining buckets outside! I was calling her name. Then I went to the side of the house, and Sasha was hiding in a basement window well. I was so happy to see her and brought her in the house! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

  1. I am thankful for my loving pet Sasha. She has been giving me the cold shoulder since we got Oreo. I was so happy to see her sleeping at the end of my bed yesterday! It made my day. She loves to visit me when I take a bath and sit by the tub.
  2. I was thankful that my daughter Liz made a good friend. She went over Christina's house yesterday and enjoyed hanging out!
  3. Thanks for a fun dinner with my daughter Becky. It was nice having dinner with her and her friend Shannon. I enjoy their company and love hearing about what is going on in their lives.
  4. I was thankful to see the sun come out in the late afternoon. I enjoyed walking the dog in dry weather after all of the rain.
I invite you to share something you were thankful for today! I love reading your comments. Hope you like my nature picture. I enjoy capturing moments of beauty in my travels during the day. There is something wonderful about focusing on beauty. It really helps me enjoy the moment of now!


  1. I worry about my kitty too, when she sneaks out every now and then after dark, whenever we open the door to go in or out, and she darts to the edge of the sidewalk, ready to hide under a parked car, just in case....Well, here's the thing, we have coyotes in the neighborhood, they come out at dusk, and, as if that's not enough, we have wild bob cats around too. There have been quite a few entrails of dead squirrels, rabbits, birds, cats, even small dogs spotted in yards and in the neighborhood parks. I've had them on my front porch - seriously! Yesterday I picked up a tail from a squirrel that was on the ground around the side of my house. And some weird organ, which I've spotted before, next to it. It must be an organ that smell or tastes bad to the coyotes or bob cats .... wonder which one it is - organ, I mean.

    So, here is what I'm grateful for, Linda. My cat, Frances, being safe in the house, sleeping like a princess where ever she makes her throne. I love her!

    In case you're wondering how I manage to entice her back into the house, it's by shaking a bag of her favorite treats. Has always worked so far!


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