Sharing thanks for Memorial Day Moments

View from a friend's porch on Memorial Day Weekend

My good friend has a wonderful shady porch. I wanted to post a picture from one of my favorite Memorial Day Weekend Moments. So thankful to all the serviceman who valiantly gave their lives for our freedom. Here are my thanks for some wonderful Memorial Day moments.

  1. I am thankful for sipping wine with good friends in the shade on their beautiful porch. Love the hanging flowering pots with the flag flying proudly in the background. Is there anything better getting together with old friends and sitting on a comfy wicker rocker on the porch with great conversation? So nice to see our friend Anne who was visiting from Washington DC.
  2. I am thankful for our town's Memorial Day Parade. It was nice to walk up to the end of our street and see an adorable family with kids patriotically dressed in red, white and blue waving small flags.
  3. I am thankful for meeting some neighbors on my block! Met a lovely family who was happy to find out I am a music teacher! Looking forward to teaching two new students on my block!
  4. I am grateful for celebrating happy moments in our friends lives. Congratulations to Sarah on her college graduation. My husband and enjoyed a wonderful party in her honor. I was also thankful that while we were at the party, my daughter Liz gave Oreo our pup a bath and a summer haircut!
I invite you to share Memorial Day Weekend moments in the comments of the blog. I love reading your comments learning what you are grateful for!


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