Sharing Thanks for Surprises!

Liz's Surprise Birthday Party at Johnny Rockets!

Celebrations always bring people together. This weekend I helped plan a small surprise party for my daughter Liz's 18th birthday. On Saturday I was invited to a surprise party for my friend Liz and Tom's 25th Wedding Anniversary given by their 13-year old daughter Anna. Anna put an amazing pot-luck  party together! She asked each guest to bring a pot luck dish. It's love and friendship that make the party! Here are my thanks for the weekend!

  1. Thankful to my daughter's close friends, sister and cousin who helped surprise Liz for her 18th birthday! She loved all the thoughtful cards she got with pictures of her favorite actors!
  2. Thanks to the staff at Johnny Rockets, who did the birthday song backwards and provided great service to our little party.
  3. Thanks to Anna who surprised her parents with an awesome 25th Anniversary party. I had so much fun reconnecting with our good college friends and Liz and Tom's extended families. Thanks to everyone who brought amazing food to the party.  Anna backed a small cake to try to replicate her parents wedding cake. She is one incredible girl and her parents were so surprised and touched by the party.
  4. I am thankful to my college and high school friends who came from Massachusetts, Staten Island and Pennsylvania to celebrate Liz and Tom's Silver Anniversary. We had so much fun at the after party catching up a sharing memories of other great times we have shared together.
I invite you to share a surprise you are thankful for in the comments. I love hearing all the great comments from readers!


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