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Rhododendrom in full bloom

Yesterday was day to celebrate friendship! I had an amazing moment of serendipity. I am lucky to have good friends that I met in 3rd grade when I moved to Rockville Centre. We grew up in the same neighborhood and have played kickball and spud together, as well as having teen tea parties. We may have been the only teens in the neighborhood who enjoyed sharing our days over a cup of tea and cookies. We all still live on Long Island and we help celebrate our birthdays together! Here are my thanks for yesterday.

  1. I was thankful for celebrating my friend Stella's birthday. Margaret and I treated her to a reflexology massage and dinner at Wild Ginger! We enjoyed the massages, relaxing together. We ended the evening over a cup of tea at Stella's house. We always get together and have lots of laughs!
  2. I took my daughters out to lunch at Bertucci's and we ran into my neighbors from Rockville Centre. So we decided to lunch together. My daughters got such a kick out of hearing all our growing up stories. This was a surprise to share this moment together.
  3. I was thankful for a wonderful breeze on my face on a beautiful sunny day!
  4. I had fun shopping with my daughter Becky. So thankful she got a job for the summer and she starts on Monday!
I invite you to share a serendipity moment in the comments.


  1. So thankful to have been the lucky girl who was taken out on her birthday. My 2 friends are loyal, kind and are wise beyond their young years! For me, friends are the family you would choose for yourself. I love and respect them more than I could ever say. Nobody knows me better or can make me laugh like them and feel blessed to have them in my life.

    1. So happy you had a great time. Our friendship means the world to me!


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