Sharing thanks for hiking at Target Rock nature preserve

I can't bring a Martini on the nature trail?

I love exploring new nature trails on Long Island. On Sunday my friends Liz and Tom took me to the Target Rock Nature Preserve. This week I will be featuring photos I took from this beautiful walk. I'm dedicating my thanks today for being thankful for being in nature. Here is what I was thankful for exploring this beautiful new trail.

  1. I was thankful to see this amusing sign at the beginning of the trail. I was wondering how many people brought martinis or cosmopolitans while walking on the trail that the need for this sign arose? The sign did provide me with a chuckle!
  2. I was thankful for the wonderful trees that provided me with shade and cool breezes on this hot and humid day. It was awesome how quiet the trail was, peppered with bird sounds and the rustling of leaves.
  3. I was grateful to see some adorable chipmunks scampering across the trails. We also were blessed to see a family of deer. Two adults with two fawn. The camouflage deer have is amazing. I am sorry to say I was unable to get a picture of deer.
  4. I was thankful to share this walk with good friends! It is fun to explore nature together. The quiet provides a wonderful place to share deep conversations. At the end of the trail was a beautiful view of Target Rock and the Long Island Sound. A free viewfinder awaits you on a small deck.
I invite you to share something in nature that you are thankful for in the comments. I love reading the comments! It really adds to making sharing thanks a place for us to share what we are grateful for.


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