Sharing thanks for dancing to my own music.

Spring dancer at the Hick's Flower Show, March 2012

Spring just makes you want to dance! The energy of all the trees and flowers starting to bloom. I loved the fun attitude of this sculpture that I saw at the flower show. I am also enjoying listening to the sounds of spring. Birds chirping in the morning as the sun streams in my window. Here is what made my soul dance today.

1) Thanks to my friend Stella who I met for another belly dancing class. It is so much fun to twirl around with a scarf and use the finger cymbals. Stella and I often get a fit of the giggles during the class. The rhythm of the music is hypnotizing.

2) Thanks to the beautiful crescent moon out tonight. One of the great things about walking your dog is I get to enjoy the night sky. Tonight's night sky features a sliver of crescent moon, beautiful stars and some mysterious clouds.

3) Thanks for the joy of playing fetch with Oreo today. She has been enjoying chasing tennis balls in the backyard.

4) Thanks to Andrew for calling me to confirm my daughter's history tutor time on Monday! It was nice of him to update me with some information.

I invite you to share something that makes your soul dance in the comments. I love hearing what brings you joy!


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