Sharing thanks for guidance and friendship

Spring faux flowers at Michael's

Looking at these flowers cheered me up on this gray rainy day today. Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss today. I loved reading his books to my daughters when they were young and learning how to read. My personal favorite is "Go, Dog, Go." You may have guessed this from all the pictures I post on my blog of my dog Oreo! Here are my thanks today!

1) Thanks to my daughter's hard working and kind guidance counselor Mr. Palmer. He met with us today to figure out Liz's schedule for her senior year and offered advice on how to start the college planning process.

2) Thanks to my good friend Stella who has been checking in with me all week. She is such a caring fun friend and I always enjoy hearing from her.

3) Thanks to Sejal and Monesha! It was so much fun hanging out at the mall and Panera tonight. We always have lots of laughs when we get together.

4) Thanks to my good friend Liz. We had a nice heart to heart talk over the phone today. She is such a talented artist and musician.

Feel free to list a Dr. Seuss book that you are thankful for! There are so many great ones. I guess I should have made green eggs and ham today in his honor!


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