Sharing thanks for Spring flowers and standing up to bullies!

Crocuses from the Music School's Garden, March 13, 2012

Seventy degrees feels wonderful! When I walk around the neighborhood, the daffodils are starting to bloom. Ahhhh, Spring, the season of rebirth and new beginnings. So many reasons to be thankful.

1) Thanks for the joy of seeing the daffodils in my yard starting to bloom today. I love daffodils, they remind me of my father-in-law who loved gardening.

2) Thanks to my music students. I always enjoy playing music with them and celebrating their improvements. Thanks to Ritchie who brought music he downloaded off the internet of tracks to his favorite video games. The music even had some third position, which helped him get more comfortable to hit the high notes on the violin.

3) Thanks to my good friends who called me yesterday to see how I was doing. My daughter was a victim of cyberbullying and is having a tough time getting over the hurt. Bullying in all its forms must be stopped. Another bully victim Katy is asking everyone to sign her petition on Her petition says, "Don't let the bullies win! Give "Bully" a PG-13 instead of an R rating!" It is amazing that a documentary about bully teens can not be seen by teens in the movies, they can only witness this behavior and language everyday at their middle and high schools. I signed the petition yesterday!

4) Thanks to my sister-in-law Ginny who was researching some great camps to help my daughter feel better about herself. We had a nice long chat on the phone yesterday. As much as I love blogging, there is nothing better than talking and getting together with your family and best buddies.

I invite you to share a sign of Spring you are thankful for in the comments.


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