Sharing thanks for unexpected pleasures

Unexpected frog on a leaf at the flower show at Hick's

I always get a kick out of seeing something unexpected. A small surprise brings small joys. I'm sharing thanks for the little surprises that brought me joy over the weekend.

1) Thanks for the flower show at Hick's. While I was walking around enjoying the show I overheard someone say,"Look there is a frog hidden in the leaf." I peaked in a tropical leaf plant and sure enough a small frog was camouflaging itself in the plant. Do you remember reading Highlights as a kid and looking for the hidden items in the picture! Seeing this frog was so cool.

2) Thanks for the beautiful sunny spring weather we are having on Long Island. I got outside and went for a walk at Norman Levy Preserve. Yesterday I was lucky to see a Blue Heron off the dock at the Park. The Blue Heron is such a majestic looking crane. It was low tide and it was fishing.

3) Thanks to Grace, my daughter Liz's new personal trainer. Liz got to meet her and made her first appointment. Liz and I were walking at Eisenhower Park to get to the health club there. We were surprised to see kids running with small parachutes on their backs. It was a funny sight and we were not sure whether if they ran fast enough if they would have floated up in the air or if it was some kind of neat exercise contraption.

4) Thanks for a nice family dinner on St. Patrick's Day. I cooked a homemade corn beef and cabbage. I was happy we could all sit down together and enjoy the meal.

I invite you to share something unexpected that gave you some joy in the comments.


  1. Good luck to Liz with the personal trainer! Exercise renews your mind&body. I am so thankful I am starting to give myself the permission to get out and move! Let the house look a little messy and get take-out , it's so worth it:D

    1. I'm with you on getting out on a beautiful day. Plenty of time to clean on a rainy day. Liz and Oreo had fun at the dog park today. Thanks for sharing and giving yourself permission to get out and move!


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