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A Gift from Kavita, March, 2012

Thanks to everybody who is reading and following my blog. I hope this little blog helps you appreciate small joys and brings some positive energy in to your life. This practice of focusing on what is good in my life has helped me have a more positive perspective and has enabled me to look at each new day as a gift. It has also helped me find solutions to daily problems with a calm attitude. Here are my thanks for weekend events.

1) I am thankful for my friendship with Kavita. She gave me a very special present on Saturday, the beautiful plaque that says, "In all Things Give Thanks!" It made me feel wonderful! I am inspired to be known for Gratitude!

2) I am thankful to my sister-in-law Laurie. She planned a beautiful party at the rehab center so we could all celebrate Grandma's 85th birthday. The cornbeef and cabbage she made were delicious! It was wonderful to see everyone together.

3) I am thankful for the beautiful Spring weather we have been having on Long Island. Nothing beats the warm embrace of a little sun on your face when I am walking my dog Oreo!

4) I am thankful for my husband Spencer, who woke up early to drive Becky to the bus on Sunday. I'm happy that they got to spend some time together before she went back to finish her semester. I was also happy to get a little extra sleep on Sunday.

I invite you to share something you are thankful for over the weekend. If you enjoy my blog please feel free to share it. Today 1000 page views tomorrow 10,000 page views!


  1. I am thankful for having the courage to allow my children story to be publish..I wrote this story 12 years ago and I was afraid to send it out to be publish. My book will be out in August 2012. I am thankful for the 7 weeks prosperity workshop " The 7 Keys to the Kingdom" for helping me to realized that I was attach to the outcome of this book..I am learning more to appreciate my experiences but not to attachment myself to anything.. Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts

    1. Congratulations on having your children's book published. How exciting for you. Thanks for sharing your story.


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