Sharing thanks for seeing "The Artist"

Is there anything better than an expressive dog by your side?

Today was a top ten day! Spring made an early visit and the sun felt glorious! Today I am sharing thanks for great movie moments. I took many film classes in college and my daughter Becky is a film major at college. She has been home for Spring break this week. I love to go to the movies! Here are my thanks for today!

1) I am thankful to be able to go see, "The Artist" with my daughter Becky tonight. Every year I make an effort to see the Oscar best picture nominees. This best picture winner did not disappoint. The acting and the camera work was amazing.

2) I am thankful that Becky and I had a great film discussion after the movie. She has seen many of the same film classics that I learned about when I was in college. We discussed how some scenes in "The Artist" reminded us of some breakfast scene shots of Citizen Kane. The plot of the movie was similar to "A Star is Born."

3) I am thankful for the dog, Uggie in "The Artist". Do you think they should give an Oscar for best dog training? The dog was so expressive. My dog Oreo has expressive comical eyes.

4) I am thankful for silent wisdom in "The Artist". The beginning of the movie is dead silent. Black Silence is so rare for us. When I hear silence it brings to mind what it is like for my daughter Liz who is deaf when she is not wearing her cochlear implant.

I invite you to share a movie you are thankful for seeing this year.


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