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Trees in Bloom, March 28, 2012

The weather changed several times today. Woke up to partial cloudy skies, thought it was going to be sunny and then it rained when we took the dogs out for a walk. Later in the afternoon the skies cleared and it was warm and sunny, and now while I am typing this blog it is raining again. You may be reading this saying where is she going with this? Life is constantly changing. We all want some stability and the reality is we need to get comfortable with change, embrace change, and remember that it can lead to tremendous growth! Spring is about renewal, that you plant a seed, nurture it and watch it grow. I have been enjoying sharing pictures of new buds bursting on the blog! Here is what I was thankful for today!

1) I was thankful to get Amy's wonderful comment. She shared some wonderful moments to be grateful for. I love when blog readers comment and add what they are thankful for. Sharing appreciation multiplies good feelings. This is what sharing thanks is all about. Your comments make the blog better!

2) I am thankful that my daughter Becky is coming home for Easter and her birthday from college. She texted me this great news today.

3) I am thankful for being able to enjoy a hot cup of tea with my good friend Stella. Liz and I stopped by for a visit with Oreo. We had fun watching Trixie and Oreo play. Is there anything better than 2 adorable dogs trying to climb on your lap for some attention.

4) I am thankful that Liz enjoyed going to her Art class tonight. She seemed to really enjoy the painting she is doing. It is fun to watch her artistic talent grow!

I invite you share something new that you are thankful for! Your comments are what sharing thanks is all about.


  1. Thankful to see my friend Linda and her beautiful daughter Liz. I am always encouraged when I see kindness in others. Liz was willing to step in and give her suppport to a younger girl who is being bullied at school. She gave sound advise and am so happy to see the compassionate woman she has become.(Just like her Mom!)

    1. Your comment made my day. It was so nice to see you yesterday. Liz really enjoyed seeing you and playing with the dogs! It is nice to see Liz grow, mature, and want to help others.


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