Sharing thanks for making a change

Liz's new haircut with side bangs. March 1, 2012

It's a brand new month, a great time to make a small change. Sometimes doing something different and new can lift your spirits. I'm dedicating my thanks for small positive changes. I invite you to share a small change you made that you are thankful for in the comments.

1) I am thankful my daughter Liz enjoyed getting a new hair style today. Seeing her smiling face with her new hairdo made my day brighter. Thanks to the hairstylist Jim at J. Thomas Salon in Levittown. He gave her a great haircut!

2) I am thankful for my new rule of turning off our Wifi at 11:00pm. It is great for everyone in our household to get a good night's sleep. The internet is great and we need to manage the time we spend on it wisely. We all need to get out there and enjoy real life: nature, getting together with friends, and having face to face conversations.

3) I am thankful for my new 600 count sheets and luxury comforter. I've really been enjoying getting a good night's sleep. Sometimes its small comforts that can make every day better. To quote my husband, "It feels like we are sleeping in a luxury hotel."

4) I am thankful for making small changes to my diet to eat more fruits and vegetables with every meal. Today I had zucchini with some pasta! Yesterday I put some wet walnuts in some yogurt. They were delicious.


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