Sharing thanks for another Sunny Winter Day

Saw some cool shadows walking Oreo today

It was over 60 degrees again today. I enjoyed walking my puppy in the beautiful sunshine. I love taking pictures for my blog, it is so much fun to caption some of the moments that bring me joy during the day. If you are new to the blog please join in the fun of sharing thanks by posting what you are thankful for in the comments.
Here are some of things I was thankful for today.

1) Thankful for my daughter Becky who is working hard in college. Got a letter in the mail from her university congratulating her for making the dean's list last semester. I took a picture of the certificate and picture texted it to her! So proud of her pursuing dreams as a film major.

2) Thankful to Dr. Zarat who was able to check my daughter Liz's ankle. Her sprain is getting better. Dr. Zarat was very kind in explaining to my daughter that even though she is still in pain she is getting better.

3) Thankful for seeing a beautiful sunset tonight in the Target parking lot. Liz and I took a few minutes to watch a golden sky. It so refreshing to take a minute and just appreciate a fleeting moment of beauty. It is amazing how even a parking lot can be beautiful.

4) Thankful for my good friends. Enjoyed catching up with my friend Liz today. She is so talented. Praying that the PR firm makes a good decision and hires her!


  1. Hi Linda!
    I saw your comment on my guest post at Momma Findings. There's always something new to learn, isn't there! Let me know if you ever need any help or have a question about blogging- I'm happy to help!

    1. Thanks Milehimama, I really appreciate you checking out my blog and thanks for your kind offer to help me navigate the blogging world.

  2. Linda! I love how you've turned a blog into things you're thankful for. Seems to me you'll never run out of blog posts on that subject!

    Thanks for stopping by MommaFindings. I can't wait to see you blossom into the blogosphere. Oh and be on the lookout for two more posts in our "How to Start a Mom Blog" series. Lisa is so great, isn't she??

    1. Thanks Sara. I started following your blog a few weeks ago. I enjoy reading it and am looking forward to the two more posts on your, "How to Start a Mom Blog" series. Thanks for the positive feedback. I have been getting a lot out of focusing on what I am thankful for and hope the blog inspires my readers.


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