Sharing thanks for a magical musical moment

Feathers from Michaels, February, 2012

I enjoy exploring my creative side at Michaels. They have so many different cool craft items. I saw these fun pastel feathers and enjoyed taking some pictures of them. Tonight was my concert. The South Shore Symphony performed with Piano soloist Jeffrey Biegel at the Madison theater and received a standing ovation before intermission. My thanks have a musical theme tonight. Music touches our emotions and promotes harmony in the world. Our orchestra has many talented players who span many ages from 14 year olds to 70 year olds. When we get together we are just all musicians trying to inspire audiences playing a varied classical repertoire.

1) Thanks for the wonderful musicianship of my fellow orchestra mates. Copland's Appalachian Spring was so colorful and vibrant tonight. Thanks to Molloy College for building a beautiful concert hall with amazing acoustics.

2) Thanks for the amazing artistry of Jeffrey Biegel. He brought down the house with his amazing Saint Saen Piano Concerto, No 2. After getting a standing ovation he wowed the crowd with a Chopin encore. I could listen to him play the Steinway ivories all night.

3) Thanks to my fans who came out to see the concert tonight. My parents, and my husband Spencer. So nice to be able to share the musical moment with the people I love.

4) Enjoyed listening to a live concert on the car ride home tonight on the Sirius XM Pulse station. Loved hearing Christina Perri sing with acoustic guitar.

I invite you to share what musical moments you are thankful for.


  1. Linda, my 28 year old son and I were driving home from Whole Foods this afternoon. We had the Frank Sinatra channel on Sirius-XM. A snappy maramba tune came on - and my son said, "is that the lady with the fruit on her head?" I loved it! He knows Carmen Miranda! Yey! I did a good job raising him!

    1. Thanks for sharing a fun musical moment. I love Whole Foods they have great soups, scones, and an amazing selection of organic food.


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