Sharing thanks for keeping calm

Heart Daisy from Michaels

I am thankful for this sunny Monday February Day. Last night the temperature dropped quickly and my check air tire pressure light went on. I did pull over to see if I had a flat and luckily it was just the temperature that caused the change in air pressure.
I am not great at figuring out how to fill the tires to get the right air pressure. I am always happy when auto savvy people are there to lend a helping hand. Here are my thanks for today.

1) Thanks to the attendant at the Getty gas station I go to. He saw me struggling with the air machine and came over to lend a helping hand. So nice to drive away and see the air pressure light go off.

2) Thanks for a beautiful drive to Jones Beach. Love to look at the bay while I am driving. My daughter Liz loves to take this drive, especially when the sun is setting on a nice day.

3) Thanks to my orchestra. After a stressful day it was great to play Appalachian Spring and let the music soothe my soul. This piece has happy joyful riffs as well as tranquility.

4) Thanks to my good friend Stella who is a great listener.

Please share something that you are thankful for in the comments. Sharing what we are grateful for can help us develop a positive perspective on life.


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