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Frisbee Anyone? February 28

I've learned a lot from my puppy Oreo. One thing puppies are always up for is playing! It is fun to watch the shear joy of a puppy fetching a small toy. I have been trying to get back in to the routine of sharing my thanks at the end of the day. Routines are helpful and we all need to be flexible to find time for play. It is these playful moments in life that can provide small bursts of joy and smiles!

1) Thanks to Oreo for playing frisbee fetch with me today. Oreo chases the frisbee and can play this game for a while. Always fun to see her tail wagging!

2) Thanks for another beautiful sunset. Beautiful oranges and purples in the sky against the bare trees. Even a Walmart parking lot can provide some beauty.

3) Thanks for a wonderful home cooked meal. I made my mom's recipe for macaroni and cheese. Made it a little healthier with Smart Pasta from Ronzoni. I enjoy cooking and tonight the white cream sauce I made came out amazing!

4) Thanks for my XM radio. Upbeat music can bring out the car dancer in me. I love singing along to my favorite tunes. I need to be honest my daughter is horrified when I dance along to the beat in the car.


  1. Hey I remember you had some pretty good moves! Oreo is a joy! My Trixie is also always ready for fun. I love spending time with her. The old saying is true. Dogs give unconditional love:D

    1. Thanks for your comment and your friendship. Hope we can get Trixie and Oreo together again for some dog soccer fun!


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