Sharing thanks for leaping!

Rays of Light on Hudson River, February 29, 2012

There is nothing prettier than leaping rays of light on an ice flowing river! Today is leap day in this leap year. I have always been a true believer for "Taking a Leap of Faith." I am dedicating my thanks to this theme today. I invite you to share something that helped you take a leap forward in your life in the comments. I love and am thankful for all of the great comments I get on the blog!

1) I was thankful for all the fun frog pictures I saw today because of leap day. The google frogs, the bing frog! When I see a frog I think of my good friend Liz who enjoyed collecting frogs in middle school. Today is your day Liz! I also wish Liz good luck in her leap to find a new fantastic job!

2) I am thankful to my husband and my daughter Liz who are taking a leap to try in improve their relationship by writing notes to each other in a journal.

3) A big welcome to my 11th follower who took a leap and joined the sharing thanks blog.

4) I am thankful for my good friend Ellen, who called me today. It was great talking to her about all the fun we had together at our girls night out sleepover in NYC on Saturday. She introduced me to Beth, who emailed me a great reading selection on the Buddha. I love Eastern philosophy and really enjoy reading books like this which help center me and give me the courage to leap forward and try new things.


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