Sharing a link from Things We Forget: #809: attitudes are contagious

Things We Forget: #809: attitudes are contagious. are yours worth ca...

Today I am sharing a link from one of my favorite blogs that I follow. This artist leaves post-it notes in different places. I love the sentiments and the idea of finding something inspiring in an unexpected place. Attitudes are contagious! Help me spread an attitude of gratitude by sharing what you are thankful for in the comments. Here are my thanks for today.

Oreo in her new Family's Favorite Relative T-shirt

1) I am thankful for one of the cute gifts that Spencer got me for my birthday. He knows how much I have been enjoying the new puppy. Oreo did not chew the end of my couch, and I am waiting to get a new couch until after the puppy is better trained. I know sometimes this blog is filled with brutal honesty.

2) I was thankful for a good nights sleep. So nice to sleep in a little today.

3) Thanks and Happy Birthday to my friend Bika! Liz and enjoyed celebrating Bika's birthday a few days earlier at Bertucci's. Seeing the joy on her face blowing out the birthday candle on a chocolate layer cake piece was priceless.

4) Thanks to everyone for sharing their thanks in the comments. The comments have been fun to read and really add to fostering an attitude of gratitude.


  1. Looks like Oreo could have a career as a model, love those cartoon eyes:D


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