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Love Sprite from Michaels, February 15, 2012

I am always thankful for the power of love. Love should be celebrated everyday not just on Valentine's day. It is loving moments that mean the most in life. Quality loving relationships are the keys to a happy life. Here are some loving moments that I was thankful for today.

1) I am thankful for getting to spend time with my daughter Liz today. She gave me a genuine hug, which are rare for teenagers. We enjoy watching our kids learn and grow, and as they do, we miss those hugs from the toddler days.

2) I am thankful for my mom! Had a nice heart to heart talk with her on the phone today.

3) I am thankful for my friend Sejal. Enjoyed having dinner with her tonight to catch up with her. So happy she is enjoying her new job. So nice to see her daughter Kavita, who was so enthusiastic to see me. She gave me a great hug hello today.

4) Thanks to my dog Oreo, who gives me a ton of unconditional love. We had a beautiful evening walk and I enjoyed looking at a deep blue sky dotted with stars.

I invite you to write a loving moment that you were thankful for today. I love reading your great comments.


  1. Linda, that's a beautiful picture on your post.

    I'm always thankful when I hear "mama." These days, kids don't always say that, or "mom," or "mommy....," or "mother." It's "hey," or nothing a lot of times. And they don't even do it on purpose. That seems to be how it is for most people. When I hear my name called by my children, it warms my heart. A heartfelt hug, like you got from your daughter, is really special!!

    1. Happy you enjoyed my heart sprite picture. I have fun with my camera capturing images that spark my imagination. There is nothing like your kids calling your name in a loving way. I have been blessed to enjoy watching both of my girls grow and learn. Now with one daughter away at college, I realize how important it is to enjoy raising them. Thanks for sharing.


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