Sharing thanks for a scenic drive

Liz and Oreo on our Scenic Drive, February 7, 2012

Had a busy day yesterday and fell asleep before I had a chance to blog about what I was thankful for. It's amazing how a scenic drive can soothe your soul. We live 15 minutes away from Jones Beach and Ocean Parkway is a beautiful drive while the sun is setting.

1) Thanks for being able to share a sunset by the water with Liz and Oreo. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sunset over the bay off of Ocean Parkway, February 7, 2012

2) Thanks to my friend Stella who came over for a cup of tea and brought her adorable dog Trixie to play with Oreo.

3) Thanks to Ellyn who made time available to help my daughter process the hurt she was feeling from her facebook hack.

4) I was so thankful to hear Liz tell me that she said, "I love you" to her dad. I'm happy that they are on the road to having a better relationship.

If you are reading my blog please share something that you are thankful for in the comments.


  1. Hello!
    Love the idea of the blog!
    I feel that I am thankful but sometimes I don´t take the time to write it down so here it goes:
    I am thankful for my students. They remind me about compassion and challenge me to be more loving and accepting.
    I am thankful for having an uneventful day, that is, a day with time and peace...a lot of people are getting all sorts of news and situations that will challenge them starting today...I did not, and I love the peace that comes with it.
    I am thankful for laughing with my best friend at things that were very embarrassing for me.
    I am thankful for positive blogs :)

    1. Thanks for sharing what you are grateful for. I also love an uneventful day filled with peace. Your comment made me smile and I hope you will keep writing what you are thankful for. I have a daughter who is deaf and is doing well thanks to many dedicated teachers.


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