Sharing thanks for serendipity and the power of kind words

Sunset in February in Target Parking Lot

Do you ever feel like you are at the right place at the right time to offer a stranger some information that is helpful and comforting. I had this experience today while I was visiting my mother-in-law in the hospital. I am the type of person who loves to strike up conversations with people that cross my path. I was in the parking garage taking the elevator down and a gentleman who was from out of state needed assistance finding the lobby. He seemed shaken up, he was going to visit his brother who was having emergency bypass surgery. I was thankful that I could show him how to get to the hospital lobby and told him about my Dad's bypass surgery that was done at this hospital successfully almost 7 years ago. The man was so appreciative for a kind ear and help. Here are my thanks for today which was filled with a little serendipity.

1) So thankful for my daughter Becky who brightened my mother-in-law's day with a phone call. My mother-in-law really enjoyed hearing from Becky and was so proud that she made her college dean's list.

2) Thanks to a nurse in training, she was learning questions to ask the patient before vitals were taken. Her first question was, "What is your name?" My mother-in-law's name is Catherine and this girl's name was Catherine. Then she asked, "When is your birthday?" My mother-in-law said March 14, and guess what that was her birthday too. This gave my mother-in-law a nice chuckle. The girl had a bright smile and will make an excellent nurse!

3) Thanks to my favorite gas attendant. I stopped to get gas tonight. The attendant noticed I had some paper stuck to the windshield, and he got a tool to scrape it off so my windshield was clean and clear! Sometimes it is that extra unexpected effort that you do not expect that really makes your day.

4) Thanks to my friend Sejal, who treated me to dinner at Panera. She had her first full week of work and it was great catching up with her and hearing about her new job. I am so happy and proud of her.

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